MOMS Club ® of St. Louis County - West, MO

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MOMS Club® of St. Louis County – West, MO

Behavior Guidelines

MOMS Club® activities are meant to be enjoyable and safe events for both parents and children. MOMS Club respects parenting differences, but expects that all children behave appropriately. The purpose of these rules is to establish guidelines for members at all MOMS Club functions or when interacting with other members.

If a mother feels any of these rules have been violated, she should inform the President or another member of the Executive Board.

Rules For Moms
  • No member shall use obscene or abusive verbal language directed toward any member or their children.
  • No member shall use physical or obscene gestures toward any member or their children.
  • Members shall refrain from malicious gossip or harassment regarding members in person, via phone or e-mail.
  • Members shall not misuse the MOMS Club roster or its contents. The roster may be used for club business only and may not be used for other purposes such as business, political or religious purposes.
  • Continual mass e-mails by non-board members are not allowed.
  • Members are not allowed to smoke at any function where children and/or pregnant moms are present.

Rules For Children

NOTE: Please keep in mind that some behavior is considered typical for certain ages and not for other ages. We believe in using common sense when applying these policies to a child under the age of two. Also, exceptions to these rules will be made for children with special needs.

AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR POLICY (Aggressive behavior includes hair-pulling, hitting, scratching, kicking, wrestling with intent to harm, verbally mistreating other children or adults, etc.)

  • In the unfortunate event that these behaviors occur during MOMS Club® activities, then the child's mother should remove her child from the area for an appropriate period of time and discipline in private, away from the group.
  • Afterwards, the mother will be expected to keep an especially diligent watch over the child to make sure no other attempt to inflict harm on another child is made.
  • If the child attempts the behavior a second time at the same activity, the mother must remove the child from the MOMS Club® activity for that day.

MORE EXTREME BEHAVIORS (including but not limited to: biting, spitting on others, intentionally urinating in public areas, destroying property, inappropriate touching, etc.)

  • If any of these behaviors occur, the mother and child will leave for the day.


  • If a child is consistently having behavioral problems that has warranted his/her removal from several activities, the mother may be asked to refrain from attending MOMS Club events until that child’s aggressive or anti-social behavior is under control.
  • If a child is deemed a danger to themselves or other children on a continual basis, the mother may be asked to leave the club.

If ANY incident occurs where a member has a problem with another member or her child, the two moms must agree to talk in person about the problem. If the problem cannot be adequately resolved, the President or a member of the Executive Board should be notified.

A unanimous decision of the board can be used to revoke membership or skip steps in the above mentioned process at any time (without warning) should the board encounter what they perceive as a severe, unforeseen circumstance.

These rules must be voted on and approved by all members and new members must agree to this policy when joining the group by signing the membership form.